Babel Subtitling: a subtitle company
Subtitling is a solution which offers film producers or event organisers the opportunity to significantly expand their audience. The adapted translation is shown / projected across the bottom (subtitling) or the top (surtitling) of the screen as the action takes place. Whether it’s a film or a live performance, subtitles allow the work to unfold in the source language while making it accessible to a broader audience.

Subtitling therefore increases public exposure as productions in a foreign language can be understood by a new audience. This technique also allows the deaf and hard-of-hearing to gain access to these productions.

Babel Subtitling specialises in all forms of subtitling.

Whether it’s burnt into the image (DCP, digital file) or projected live at a film festival, theatre or opera, we have expertise not only in creating subtitles thanks to our knowledge of subtitling softwares but also in projection techniques. With this know-how, Babel Subtitling is able to offer a quality subtitling service tailored to the requirements and context in which the production will be broadcast.

We’ve developed this approach by building on our experience with many partners, festival and conference organisers, film and live show producers, communications agencies etc. As a result, so many clients have been able to make their productions available to new audiences without being restricted by the language barrier.
Film or video
Video or movie subtitling
Subtitling is a technique which displays text at the bottom of the screen in time with the dialogue. It can be used for all types of audiovisual media (film, DVD, video, Internet, etc.) as well as for live performances (theatre, opera, etc.) and face-to-face events (conferences, seminars, etc.).
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Le sous-titrage live
Do you need subtitles for a one-off projection or a limited number of projections? Live subtitling is the most suitable solution.

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Hard of hearing

Subtitles adapted for people who are deaf and hard of hearing
Would you like to make your audiovisual production accessible to the deaf and hard-of-hearing? Babel Subtitling is there to help you adapt your film by creating subtitles that are targeted for this audience.

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Live performances
Le sur-titrage pour spectacles vivants
Live performances in French or other foreign languages are starting to become more common. Babel Subtitling offers - via surtitling - the opportunity to make your project more accessible to an audience that doesn't master the source language of the production.

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